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crossed bayonets

If you have purchased or obtained the attachable hand guard devise known as the M 2018 “Thumper”. This warning is for you and the Lawyer who will read this should you miss use the devise. It is understood that you have presented yourself as an adult of at least 18 years of age to obtain this devise. You should understand that this devise, though harmless by it’ self, can be used as a weapon when combined with any number of bayonets or combat knives. This means that you could hurt yourself, someone or something else with the devise. In some venues this devise can be or could be considered a weapon with or without being affixed to a bayonet. You should make yourself aware of your local and State laws regarding use or ownership of this devise. This devise was designed for military use in close quarter combat against an enemy in combat. It can injure or kill and it is NOT A TOY. It can break things. It is your responsibility to use this devise in a legal manner and if you chose to use the devise in an illegal or criminal manner, the manufacture offers no Legal, moral or monetary support. Should you own or obtain one of these devised and loan, sell or give to another person you “May” assume civil or criminal liability. Don’t give it to someone who is going to do something stupid. The manufacture of this devise is not your Mom, but we share with her the hope that you use it safely and for the proper reasons. For our Military we hope that you never have to use this devise, but should you, we hope it serves you well.

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