The Inspiration Behind The Thumper

The Model 2018 Combat Hand Guard
The Thumper

crossed bayonets

The Model 2018 owes its inspiration and birth to innovations in combat knives 100 years ago during the First World War.   Edged weapons in combat traces back to the Stone Age, the knife, sword and bayonet have been around for many years.  The close quarter trench fighting in the First World War brought a need for a shorter blade.   American ingenuity combined a hand guard and brass knuckles to a shorter blade in the 1917 and 1918 Trench Knives.   After WW I shorter combat knives were developed in the US, such as the M-3 and Marine Corps Kabar.

1918 Trench Knife

1918 Trench Knife

During the Second World War it was seen that shorter bayonets were  more desirable.   The M-3 blade was adapted for the M-4 carbine bayonet which served as a fighting knife as well.   What followed was the adoption of this shorter blade for all US bayonets as they served dual purpose as a close quarter combat knife.   The hand guard was not continued after 1918 and was too cumbersome to fit on the newer, shorter bayonets. During WWII and The Korean War, Marine Kabars, M-4 and M-5 bayonets were altered in the field to sport a fixed hand guard to use in close quarter combat.   The story of one of these Marine field conversions led to the idea and development of a simple attachable hand guard, The Thumper 2018 ( Pat. Pend. ). This simple, yet effective devise gives the user the option of that protective hand guard or striking surface that was available on the fighting blades of the First World War on your issued bayonet / combat knife. This devise, designed by an American and made in America, is dedicated to all of those men and woman war fighters who have held the line for this country.   This unique and effective devise is offered to protect and enhance the ability of the Hero’s who engage in CQB in defense of our nation.

Third prototype of the Thumper hand guard

The third prototype of what would eventually become The Thumper Close Combat Hand Guard

multiple Thumper prototypes

Multiple prototypes from years past showing how the shape evolved over time.

M9 and M7 Bayonets with Thumper hand guard

M9 and M7 Bayonets with Model 2018 Thumper Combat Hand Guard

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